The B-Ride is designed for ski-launched tandem speed flying/riding. Super easy inflation. Low take-off and landing speeds.

The B-Ride’s flat surface area of 19 m2 was decided after extensive testing of a wide range of surfaces. 19 m2 proved to be the best compromise of ease of use and an efficient glide ratio without loosing the speed and dynamic handling that makes speedflying so fun.

The trimmer system can be adjusted for each aspect of flight, or according to total in-flight weight. You can adjust your take-off speed easily for pilots of any weight.  Spreaders are integrated into the risers for easier groundhandling. Our risers/spreader system offers the perfect height between the passenger and the pilot, for visibility and comfort. It also yields improved handling and reduced brake effort for the pilot. The complete set makes the pilot and passenger a compact and coherent load under the wing.

The B-Ride has a wide performance range with excellent max glide ratio: you can open the trimmers for fast and steep speedflying action close to the terrain, and finish your flight with increased glide to safely separate from the terrain.



Technical Data

Glider NameB-Ride
Min Wt (kg)-
Max Wt (kg)-
Single Surface-
Number of Cells25
Glider Wt (kg)4.50
Projected Area (m2)-
Flat Area (m2)19.00
Projected Span (m)-
Flat Span (m)-
Projected Aspect Ratio-
Flat Aspect Ratio4.05
Root Chord (m)-

Neo B-Ride

Product Attributes

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