NEO offers a simpler, less specific and more affordable wing for beginners, while being more usable for regular pilots.
The wing will naturally follow your progress, without requiring you to pay close attention. This makes it easier to fly. The design keeps you in contact with the snow. This will make your practice more efficient.

The aim of the S-Ride version 1.0 was to deliver simplicity and comfort to beginner speedriders, from an introduction to the speedriding universe up to the discovery of freeriding. Schools, and all levels of speed riders, agree that the first version of the S-Ride was a success.NEO is excited to offer the next generation in the S-Ride series. It is a wing with easy and forgiving handling that is accessible to beginners, while remaining efficient and fun for experienced riders. The wing naturally follows your progression, without being demanding. The handling can be described in one word: intuitive.

Pendular movements has been softened, requiring less piloting presence. You are  focused on your line instead of on the handling of the glider. The wing becomes a support for the ride and not a machine to be moved around, for more fun… On all axes the wing is even more docile and less active.

The S-Ride 2.0 is lighter and more compact for easier handling on the ground.

The larger sizes (#13, #14, #16) are aimed at beginners or larger riders. The smaller sizes (#10 and #11.5) are aimed at lighter or ultra-light weights or heavier, experienced riders who want to discover the freeride part of our activity in a sail that is easy to manage.


10, 11.5, 13, 14, 16

Technical Data

Glider NameS-Ride 2.0S-Ride 2.0S-Ride 2.0S-Ride 2.0S-Ride 2.0
Min Wt (kg)-----
Max Wt (kg)-----
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells1818181818
Glider Wt (kg)1.902.102.302.402.60
Projected Area (m2)-----
Flat Area (m2)10.0011.5013.0014.0016.00
Projected Span (m)-----
Flat Span (m)-----
Projected Aspect Ratio-----
Flat Aspect Ratio3.503.503.503.503.50
Root Chord (m)-----

Neo S-Ride 2.0

Product Attributes

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