Blizzard – LTF/EN C

Fast as the wind – Miniwing for alpine adventures and competitions

Blizzard is the successor of our brilliant Reinhold II, the paraglider which marked the beginning of the SKYMAN idea of ultra-light equipment for Hike & Fly and high alpine bivouacs. Extremely small and just as fast and light as its predecessor, it additionally shows an outstanding launch behaviour as well as a particularly good gliding performance.

The development basis for Blizzard, which is the paraglider The Rock², warrants sufficient performance and safety margins even at difficult conditions. Blizzard 16 has been certified according to EN/LTF C.

Thus it is the perfect companion for alpine tours and competitions like the ‘Dolomite Man Race’.


14, 16

Glider NameBlizzardBlizzard
Min Wt (kg)5060
Max Wt (kg)10090
Single Surface--
Number of Cells4040
Glider Wt (kg)2.052.40
Projected Area (m2)11.9413.55
Flat Area (m2)14.0016.00
Projected Span (m)-6.87
Flat Span (m)8.108.66
Projected Aspect Ratio-3.45
Flat Aspect Ratio4.694.69
Root Chord (m)--

Skyman Blizzard

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