Furio – Speedrider

… furious rides on gorgeous slopes.

Speed glider Furio completes the SKYMAN product range of small and fast paragliders. Made of D10 fabric, Furio 9,5 weighs only 1,8kg and has very little packed volume.

The 3-level riser with trimmer allows an extremely high speed range and grants a very stable canopy. Furio‘s high performance is determined by brake and trimmer. Precise steering characteristics enable the pilot to perfectly ride along the mountain relief.


L, M, S, XS

Glider NameFurioFurioFurioFurio
Min Wt (kg)50505050
Max Wt (kg)150150150150
Single Surface----
Number of Cells20202020
Glider Wt (kg)1.801.952.252.50
Projected Area (m2)
Flat Area (m2)8.309.5011.5013.50
Projected Span (m)4.624.945.435.88
Flat Span (m)5.555.936.527.06
Projected Aspect Ratio2.962.962.962.96
Flat Aspect Ratio3.703.703.703.70
Root Chord (m)----

Skyman Furio

Product Attributes

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