Small. Lightweight. Fast. Made for Alpine adventures

Our TONKAs open up new horizons. They are super small, super light and super fast, which makes them predestined for alpine adventure. Each size has its own character. With only 10.2 m² of projected area, the TONKA2 XXS is the smallest and at 1.8 kg also one of the lightest LTF/EN approved paragliders. Depending on the take-off weight, the sizes XXS and XS are designed for competitive use or for fast flights to the valley. For pilots looking for less dynamics and speed, the TONKA is available in another size with just under 15 m² projected area. This is the perfect companion for ambitious Hike&Fly tours. The concept is based on our proven lightweight MASALA and therefore has the best genes so you can rely on the necessary safety reserves even on a hot ride!

How does the Tonka fly?


The TONKA2 is a real “mini-wing”. Despite its small size, it doesn’t fly like a speedflyer. Instead, it flies with the precision of a really small paraglider. Its handling is extremely direct and agile. With a little bit of control line input you can turn this glider on a dime. And with a little more input you’ll be banking high in no time at all. Its high trim speed lets you launch, land and fly on windy days – a big advantage when a gust shoots up the lip of a steep backbowl or the wind suddenly picks up.


The TONKA2 was developed for Alpine adventurers flying in challenging terrain. Despite its small area, its glide ratio is surprisingly high and its sinkrate reassuringly low. The TONKA2 lets you launch from difficult spots and land in tight, remote valleys – and soar to cloud base on thermally active days. Its trim speed is pretty fast, but if you want a real jet-feeling, just step on the bar!


The TONKA2’s high wing loading makes it very stable – but also extremely dynamic and agile. For this reason, TONKA2 pilots should have a lot of flying experience under their belts and should be used to judging glider reaction in dynamic steep turns. The glider reactions on the size S are less dynamic. Pilots with less experience can fly the TONKA2 S.


Glider NameTonkaTonkaTonka
Min Wt (kg)696060
Max Wt (kg)738590
Single Surface---
Number of Cells343434
Glider Wt (kg)1.802.102.40
Projected Area (m2)10.2511.8014.76
Flat Area (m2)12.1314.1017.46
Projected Span (m)5.946.407.13
Flat Span (m)7.638.229.16
Projected Aspect Ratio3.443.443.44
Flat Aspect Ratio4.804.804.80
Root Chord (m)---

Skywalk Tonka

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