In response to popular demand from the speedriding community, we have reissued the proven Spitfire 2 plus with the SPITFIRE CLASSIC in sizes 7 to 11, in addition to the comparatively more performant Spitfire 3.

The SPITFIRE CLASSIC is essentially based on the basic design of its predecessor.
Inspired by your feedback we have replaced the T-trimmer handle with a Nitinol trimmer loop for better usability and extended the trimmer travel to 12 cm.
The trimmer strap is equipped with a dart at 9 cm, which can be opened by experienced pilots for the ultimate dive. The SPITFIRE CLASSIC is aimed at passionate speed riders who don’t want to compromise on the stability of the well-proven Spitfire 2 Plus concept. This allows you to focus fully on your line with lots of fun, even on the steepest powder slopes when big-mountain riding.


11, 8.5, 9.5, 7

Glider NameSpitfire ClassicSpitfire ClassicSpitfire ClassicSpitfire Classic
Min Wt (kg)50607080
Max Wt (kg)708090120
Single Surface----
Number of Cells21212117
Glider Wt (kg)-1.751.972.06
Projected Area (m2)6.107.308.409.70
Flat Area (m2)7.008.509.5011.00
Projected Span (m)3.904.204.504.90
Flat Span (m)4.805.205.505.90
Projected Aspect Ratio2.402.402.402.40
Flat Aspect Ratio3.
Root Chord (m)----

Swing Spitfire Classic

Product Attributes

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