The new P-light 2 is your new favourite companion for hike&fly projects where there’s an emphasis on the “fly” part. It’s still light and comfortable on your back for the hike up, but with a slightly bigger size, it is now MUCH easier to thermal on, making your experience in the mountains so much more versatile and enjoyable. The P-light 2 remains a fast and efficient purpose-built alpinist wing, capable of safe descents even in potentially dodgy conditions, but the new wing is so much more.

Your next adventure companion will come neatly packed in a brand new Triple Seven concertina compress bag, ready to save space in your hike&fly rucksack.


“The original P-light has been a popular wing in its segment for several years, and it was time to update the model. The new wing has seen an optional increase in both flat and projected area with the new 21 size. It remains a fast and nimble little number, now with the added joy of taking its pilot up and away from their hard-earned summits.”


…is someone serious about his h&f projects, aiming to combine the best of the worlds of hiking and paragliding. Available in two super lightweight sizes, it will be a joy to carry to the top, but no less of joy while flying off and away. As such, it is more than just an elevator set to “down” – it is a real paraglider, albeit a fast and sporty one. It will appeal to just about any weight-conscious paraglider pilot, from the relative newcomer to the seasoned pro – not least if they are into going places while airborne.


19, 21

ManufacturerTriple SevenTriple Seven
Glider NameP-light 2P-light 2
Min Wt (kg)5565
Max Wt (kg)110110
Single Surface--
Number of Cells4040
Glider Wt (kg)2.602.80
Projected Area (m2)16.2518.10
Flat Area (m2)19.2021.40
Projected Span (m)7.708.10
Flat Span (m)9.7010.30
Projected Aspect Ratio3.603.60
Flat Aspect Ratio5.005.00
Root Chord (m)--

Triple Seven P-light 2

Product Attributes

Lightweight / Hike & Fly

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