The Airwolf 2 is a 7-cell, cross-braced, tri-taper wing that is a clean sheet redesign from our original Airwolf wing. It has an entirely different trim, planform, and materials.

The wing is measurably higher performance than the original Airwolf in all flight modes, yet still provides the needed reliability and ease of use needed to be an everyday wing. The AW2 is even steeper in full flight than the same-size Wairwolf.

We changed several flight characteristics in comparison to our original Airwolf including:

·    Split leading edge for better 3D shaping and new color design options.

·    Improvements for reliable opening performance

·    New aerodynamically cleaner planform shaping

·    Steeper line trim

·    Low line drag configuration

·    Triple cascade lines

·    Hybrid FT-30 for rigidity with ZP for pack volume

·    Increased responses on harness and risers

·    Longer recovery arc

·    New more aerodynamic mini-rib profile

·    Ported cross bracing

·    Multi braking system


·    Cloth: ZP and Fluid Tech (FT-30) loaded profiles

·    Main lines: 400 lb Vectran

·    Lower brake lines: 750 lb Vectran


75, 90, 103, 67, 71, 79, 84, 96

ManufacturerFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid Wings
Canopy NameAirwolf 2Airwolf 2Airwolf 2Airwolf 2Airwolf 2Airwolf 2Airwolf 2Airwolf 2
Canopy Weight (lbs)--------
Number of Cells77777777
Flat Area (ft2)67.271.475.479.384.190.296.3102.4
Flat Span (ft)13.5014.0014.3014.7015.1015.7016.2016.70
Flat Aspect Ratio2.802.802.802.802.802.802.802.80
Projected Aspect Ratio--------
Projected Area (ft2)57.8060.8065.0068.3072.2077.4082.3087.90
Chord Min (ft)--------
Chord Max (ft)--------
Volume (cu in)--------

Fluid Wings Airwolf 2

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