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We have done it again! The Echo is a new breed of wing that defines a class all to itself. This wing is targeted to pilots who already have some experience and are looking for a little bit more performance. We think that 200 jumps is probably a reasonable minimum for the performance available on the wing.

The Echo was designed with the understanding that for some users it will be their first exposure to higher performance wings. The inputs on the Echo are manageable and build skills to maximum performance available while being forgiving. It includes STX mini-rib technology to provide optimized performance and responsiveness.

The wing has a nice, controllable dive and long recovery arc for its class. The dive is complimented by a large flight envelope and the ability to make it back from long spots, all while still being easily controlled.


The Echo is more sensitive to harness input than other wings in its class. Its roll response yields a dynamic and stable feeling to the wing.


People who have flown the Echo tell us it’s one of the best-opening parachutes they have ever flown. This is the first wing into which we implemented our proprietary deployment numerical modeling and designed from the ground up to ensure opening performance. During testing, we have found the openings to be smooth, well-staged and progressive, and the right speed for our users.

Rear risers:

The Echo got a lot of attention in the design of the rear riser range and response, and it became one of our strongest performers. The wing was designed to provide a good platform for the user to learn and develop good rear riser techniques in preparation for swoop landings.

Front risers:

The front risers were designed to behave much like those of other high-performance wings They begin moderately and will build speed much like a cross-braced class wing. The risers maintain tension and do not become sloppy or soft. As with most wings the larger the size the higher the front riser pressure.

Controls (toggles):

The control inputs provide a strong flare that has great swoop characteristics. The inputs are responsive and progressive with a strong, powerful bottom finish. The wing likes to be flown with rears and harness but responds equally to toggle/control inputs.

The Echo is available in sizes 97, 107, 120, 135, 150, and 170.

Recommended jump #s: 200-500+

Note: The Echo is still a high-performance wing and must be deployed and flown as such. The wing requires precise packing and body awareness during the opening.


120, 135, 150, 170, 107, 97

Canopy Weight (lb)
Number of Cells999999
Flat Area (ft^2)97.0107.0120.0135.0150.0170.0
Flat Span (ft)
Flat Aspect Ratio
Projected Area (ft^2)
Projected Aspect Ratio
Chord Min (ft)
Chord Max (ft)

Fluid Wings Echo


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