The Gangster is a new breed of wing that defines a class all to itself. Our entire testing group fell in love with this wing during our development. It was designed with the understanding that for some users it will be their first exposure to the high-performance, cross-braced class of wings. The inputs on the wing were tuned to be both manageable and enjoyable, and to build skills and provide the maximum performance available while maintaining ease of use.


The Gangster is still sensitive to harness input but tuned more for those with less experience than our other fully cross-braced wings. The wing’s roll response yields a connected and stable feeling to while preventing oscillations and twitchy responses.


The most common feedback we hear from those who have flown the Gangster is that it’s the best-opening high-performance wing they have ever flown. During testing we have found the openings to be smooth, well-staged and progressive, and easily manageable. We put significant effort into making the openings optimized to be staged and manageable.

Note: The Gangster is a high-performance wing and must be deployed as such. The wing requires precise packing and body awareness during the opening.

Rear Risers:

The Gangster was designed to have exceptional range and response on rear risers, and it consistently blew away our test jumpers’ expectations with the response and range. We simply LOVE the rear risers on this wing! It was designed to provide a good platform for the user to learn and develop good rear riser technique while still being forgiving and having lots to work with.

Front Risers:

The front risers were designed to behave much like those of other high-performance wings (Helix etc.) The front risers begin moderately, then build to more pressure in a progressive manner, and will build with speed much like a competition class wing. The risers maintain tension and do not become sloppy or soft.


The control inputs provide a strong flare that has great swoop characteristics. The inputs are progressive with a strong bottom-end finish. The control inputs are designed to be intuitive and easy. The wing likes to be flown with rears and harness but responds equally to toggle/control inputs.


  • Cloth: ZP Nylon ripstop

  • Main Lines: 575 lb Vectran

  • Lower Brake Lines: 750 lb Vectran


120, 135, 90, 107, 79, 84, 96

ManufacturerFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid Wings
Canopy NameGangsterGangsterGangsterGangsterGangsterGangsterGangster
Canopy Weight (lbs)-------
Number of Cells9999999
Flat Area (ft2)
Flat Span (ft)14.3014.7015.3015.8016.6017.6018.70
Flat Aspect Ratio2.702.702.702.702.702.702.70
Projected Aspect Ratio2.312.312.312.312.312.312.31
Projected Area (ft2)71.0076.0081.0086.0096.00108.00122.00
Chord Min (ft)-------
Chord Max (ft)-------
Volume (cu in)-------

Fluid Wings Gangster

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