DON’T BLINK, IT’S FAST!!! – GT-R is a super high performance skydiving canopy

GT-R is a super high performance skydiving canopy designed around a highly aggressive Schuemann wing planform by applying advanced parachute design methodologies with in-house developed cutting edge computational fluid dynamic software tools.

The GT-R‘s true Schuemann planform has 7 ARC tri cells designed to ensure even upper surface span wise tension while carrying the loads through an internal membrane skeleton. Traditional cross bracing techniques achieve upper surface control by generating irregular span wise tension, but the side effects on aerodynamic surface deformation, variations on local angle of attack and uneven chord wise rib loading make them unfriendly to fly and introduce an inherently unpredictable deployment sequence that requires pilot input to correct.


75, 90, 103, 67, 71, 79, 84, 96

ManufacturerIcarus WorldIcarus WorldIcarus WorldIcarus WorldIcarus WorldIcarus WorldIcarus WorldIcarus World
Canopy Weight (lbs)--------
Number of Cells77777777
Flat Area (ft2)
Flat Span (ft)13.8014.2014.6014.9815.4515.9916.5217.11
Flat Aspect Ratio--------
Projected Aspect Ratio--------
Projected Area (ft2)--------
Chord Min (ft)2.522.602.672.742.822.923.023.13
Chord Max (ft)5.495.665.815.976.156.376.586.81
Volume (cu in)--------

Icarus World GT-R

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