The sports parachute H.O.P 260 – MULTI is designed for less experienced parachuters and its flight characteristics allows also the training. This type was tested for different kinds of openings from students harneses. Its performance, flight characteristics and speed range are suited to small experience of the aiming parachuters group and at the same time they should make much easier further work of instructor working with the student after parachute opening.
Used materials and especially the construction of this type correspond to the most modern trends in this category, increase level and safety of the training and at the same time make easier change to so called „speed parachutes“


  • Excellent new canopy for student and sports skydivers
  • Tolerates pilots errors
  • Performance provides better novice safety
  • Even your instructor will love it



220, 260

ManufacturerJoJo WingsJoJo Wings
Canopy NameH.O.P. MultiH.O.P. Multi
Canopy Weight (lbs)--
Number of Cells1818
Flat Area (ft2)220.0267.0
Flat Span (ft)--
Flat Aspect Ratio--
Projected Aspect Ratio--
Projected Area (ft2)--
Chord Min (ft)--
Chord Max (ft)--
Volume (cu in)--

JoJo Wings H.O.P. Multi

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