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So you’re an overachiever.  It’s not enough to take docks in freefall, you want to take them under canopy as well?  Not just happy to land accurately, you want to do it into a stadium with a 50-foot flag?  Yeah, we get it. We’ve been called overachievers, ourselves, which is why we didn’t just stop at making the Storm.  We took it a step further, developing the Storm CF–a canopy that combines all the things you loved about the Storm (which was already a combination of all the flight characteristics you love about a 9-cell infused in a 7-cell), revised to meet the needs of a serious CF competitor or CF demo jumper.  You like the sound of great speed range, solid handling, and a powerful flare? How about a mesh slider for quick sub-terminal openings? We thought so.  

Why are we still talking?  Get out there and break some new records, already!


120, 135, 150, 170, 190, 210, 107, 230, 97

Canopy Weight (lb)
Number of Cells777777777
Flat Area (ft^2)97.0107.0120.0135.0150.0170.0190.0210.0230.0
Flat Span (ft)14.4215.1516.0417.0117.9319.0920.1821.2222.20
Flat Aspect Ratio2.
Projected Area (ft^2)
Projected Aspect Ratio
Chord Min (ft)6.256.986.987.397.728.298.769.219.64
Chord Max (ft)6.877.217.648.108.549.099.6110.1010.57

Performance Designs CF Storm


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