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“I don’t meet the competition, I destroy it.”–the Peregrine

“Push it to the limit.”–the Peregrine, disco king Paul Engemann, and probably a few 80s movies

This canopy might have a bit of an ego, but not without reason.  Built solely for canopy piloting competition and evolved for use in XRW, the Peregrine repeatedly pushes the limits of what’s possible in canopy flight.  New materials, enhanced aerodynamics, and the Schuemann wing planform technology make this an ultra high-performance canopy, suitable only for top-tier competitive canopy pilots who have an insatiable thirst for the podium.


64, 75, 61, 67, 71, 79, 84

Canopy Weight (lb)
Number of Cells9999999
Flat Area (ft^2)
Flat Span (ft)
Flat Aspect Ratio
Projected Area (ft^2)
Projected Aspect Ratio
Chord Min (ft)
Chord Max (ft)

Performance Designs Peregrine


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