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Whoever said “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too” never flew a Storm. Torn between flying a 7-cell vs a 9-cell? Looking for the perfect wingsuit canopy? Flying occasional CF, but not ready for a second canopy? Our mad scientist engineers endeavored to solve your problems–condensing all your favorite 9-cell characteristics (steep glide, long recovery arc, and a powerful bottom-end flare) into 7 cells while retaining the the long snivels and soft openings you’ve grown to love. The Storm checks all the boxes. So have your cake. Eat it, too. Just don’t get it on your lines.


120, 135, 150, 170, 190, 210, 107, 230, 97

Canopy Weight (lb)
Number of Cells777777777
Flat Area (ft^2)97.0107.0120.0135.0150.0170.0190.0210.0230.0
Flat Span (ft)14.4215.1516.0417.0117.9319.0920.1821.2222.20
Flat Aspect Ratio2.
Projected Area (ft^2)
Projected Aspect Ratio
Chord Min (ft)6.256.986.987.397.728.298.769.219.64
Chord Max (ft)6.877.217.648.108.549.099.6110.1010.57

Performance Designs Storm


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