If you are a highly experienced canopy formation competitor and want to take the next step from your CF Storm, it’s time to Tango! The Tango is a high-performance CRW machine with a 5-cell tri-chamber cross-braced construction. This canopy’s precise handling and CRW-specific features will excite even the most seasoned 2-way and 4-way competitors. Debuted at the 2016 World Meet Mondial in Chicago, the Tango topped the podium from day one when the French 2-way Sequential team took home the Gold! We’re confident that if your team is maxing out what your CF Storm can do, the Tango will open new doors for what you thought was possible for competition CF.


75, 72, 78, 83, 89, 97

ManufacturerPerformance DesignsPerformance DesignsPerformance DesignsPerformance DesignsPerformance DesignsPerformance Designs
Canopy NameTangoTangoTangoTangoTangoTango
Canopy Weight (lbs)------
Number of Cells555555
Flat Area (ft2)
Flat Span (ft)------
Flat Aspect Ratio------
Projected Aspect Ratio------
Projected Area (ft2)------
Chord Min (ft)------
Chord Max (ft)------
Volume (cu in)------

Performance Designs Tango

Product Attributes

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