Firebird RUSH Reserve Canopy.

The new Rush 7-cell reserve canopy was developed for the demands of today’s skydiving. The construction is the result of the latest 2D/3D technology. Its performance was researched, tested and fine-tuned through a multitude of high-speed droptests, g-force measurements and additional flight tests and experiments. The result is one of the strongest, most stable reserves on the market with a maximum deployment speed of 150 KEAS.


  • Certified under ETSO C23d and TS0 23d
  • Reliably safe and fast openings
  • Easy landings for the smallest size of canopy
  • Very good diving characteristics
  • Small packing volume
  • Standard with 1000 Spectra Soft Links

110, 130, 150, 170, 190, 210, 90, 230, 250, 270, 300

Reserve NameRushRushRushRushRushRushRushRushRushRushRush
Reserve Typestandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandard
Number of Cells77777777777
Min Pilot Wt (lbs)90110130150170190210230250270300
Max Pilot Wt (lbs)300200200200225250275300325350400
Flat Area (ft2)90110130150170190210230250270300
Flat Span (ft)-----------
Flat Aspect Ratio-----------
Chord (ft)-----------
Reserve Weight (lbs)5.515.516.616.618.828.829.9211.0211.0214.3314.33
Volume (cu in)242262282330380410480524563604725

Firebird Rush

Product Attributes

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