MAKO is a fast, agile yet easy-to-fly performance acro monochamber wingsuit. Based on our extensive testing, Makos’s asymmetrical wing profile has brought the expected and wanted results where high performance meets with the easy and playful handling properties. The final design and performance were confirmed by several dozens of hours of wingsuit wind tunnel test flights and hundreds of skydive and base jumps. Our athletes tested the prototypes at low and high speeds, performing transitions, barrel-rolls, flock flying, and head down carving maneuvers. The Mako’s stabile flight characteristics come from the special bootie design and “bootie fix system”, which is a unique technology used first by Intrudair on the wingsuit market, it keeps the shape of the bootie fixed during the flight, but with the possibility to adjust it with a zipper you can also use it to adjust the spread of the leg-wing. Our unique air-inlet system is responsible for the optimal wing pressure, where the size and efficiency of the air valves and inlets were the main challenge. This is a very sensitive area that we have solved only with the help of the wingsuit tunnel tests, the test jumps and our more than a decade experience in wingsuit manufacturing.



All wings are fed by all of the air-inlets on both the top and the bottom surfaces of the wingsuit.

MAKO’s comfort and performance come from the special wing profile that we searched, tested and finally selected for the optimal range of speed we fly most often during Acro maneuvers and fleet flights. According to our test pilots and independent professional pilots who have tested MAKO so far, the suit is better, more powerful, and easier to fly, less tiring than similar size wingsuits on the market. The very small but very important, added technological innovations in the Mako have brought us the desired result of our development.

Mako is an ultimate DZ suit, recommended for intermediate top and expert pilots. It’s an all-round DZ and WS tunnel training machine.




  •  Special laminated leading-edge material
  •  Optimized wing pressure thanks to the unique 3D Air-inlet system
  •  Bootie fixed system for stability
  •  Spec optimized acro-freestyle wing profile
  •  Large inside pockets
  •  Vibram® sole is sticky in all conditions, provides the best traction and grip on wet, dry, warm, and cold exits.



Wingsuit NameMako
Number of Wingsuit Skydives200+

IntrudAir Mako

Product Attributes

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