MANTA is a step up to a larger, more powerful category, and is recommended for experienced pilots who have gained considerable experience in the MAKO-BARRACUDA Power+ category (or similar categories from other manufacturers) over the years but want something more and something different in addition to the flying comfort of these suits.

The name MANTA may sound familiar to those familiar with Intrudair suits but this is something completely different, this is a high performance acro suit in the big wings category tested in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel!

MANTA is made for flock, backfly, dynamic, carving, XRW flights just like MAKO but for those who want to go one step up in performance and glide ratio. With MANTA you can fly the usual freestyle acro, backfly figures but with a higher glide ratio with more reserve and more power.





  • same performance and stability in back or belly flying
  • soft transitions
  • special Intrudair leading edge + performance foam
  • optimized low NACA wings profile
  • increased wingspan + optimized wing profile, higher average glide ratio, higher flare in the stabilisation.
  • Monochamber design
  • bootie fix system
  • backfly inlets (of course)



Wingsuit NameManta
Number of Wingsuit Skydives175+

IntrudAir Manta

Product Attributes

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