Barracuda Power Plus is the first one of our new generation variety for wingsuit products.As its name suggests, this suit is a more robust version of Barracuda Power, meanwhile preserving the easy handling feature together with stability and speed. Power Plus has more armwings surface, that is why the performance gets bigger, which improves the flare and glide ratio.

Backflying: thanks to the new wings and leading edge the accomplishment of the backyling just got improved, and all the transitions have become more easy and even smoother. The main purpose of our development was to achieve a powerful but easy to handle acro-power wingsuit.


We ensure the stability of the suit by a brand new bootie formation which we could make by doing some modifications on both legwings.

Leading edge: We can send it with two types of performance foam: either with Soft or with Power foam. The material was developed only for this purpose.

It has 3 different layers: an outer smooth coating- foam, one in the middle, and a lower layer with net surface, which gives the important stability factor of the suit. Thanks to those improvements the leading edge’s aerodynamic, the shapes are better, which means even more performance. The first third of the armwings and both esc sleeves got more than double amount of ribs. So currently Barracuda Power Plus has the most dense ribs system on each arms at the wingsuit market.

We want to assure you that Power Plus is not a nurtured model at all, since we are talking about a completely new, 100 % new generation member of Intrudair’s wing suit product range.


Thanks to the new leading edge, dense armwing ribbing and legwings tail design, the suit’s performance and flare increased by at least 10-20%, this way the suit can catch up with the older, larger wing-surfaced models. Also the smoothness provides extra agility, easy handeling and stability.

Wingsuit NamePower+
Number of Wingsuit Skydives175+

IntrudAir Power+

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