Why the RS Glide? Because it’s the best thing that could have happened to me.

After more than 10 years in the wingsuit BASE environment and having flown many suits from various manufacturers I was looking for a new one that starts quickly, glides well, can fly fast and has a good flare.


Of course it should also have plenty of pockets for the Stashbag, trekking poles, ropes, etc., and be easy to put on, offer a solid footing at the various exits and be stable in every flight position.


As luck would have it, I got in touch with Intrudair. We combined my experience in wingsuit BASEjumping and their experience in manufacturing. I also had the opportunity to work on the development process during the test jump phase and the final result has surpassed my expectations. We ended up creating a unique suit that is at home in the Alps and any other of the high mountains on this beautiful planet.

Are you light or heavy like me and want to have a quick start?

Do you want to glide far and fly fast?

Do you want to be able to fly steep?

Do you want to fly dynamically on belly and back?

Do you want to have a fun and powerful flare?

Do you want to stow all your equipment in the suit?

Are you an experienced wingsuiter and ready to take the next steps?

Hit the order button and smile like I did while experiencing this new suit first hand.

/ Stiven Gade /

Featured properties:

  • Nearly instant usability after exit. The suit can be quite aggressive, but we also focused on safety and usability features.
  • During relaxed flight, it’s quite easy to control, after stepping in line it’s still agile and smoothly controllable. It can go back to relaxed flying in an easy transition.
  • Easy to pull, deployment is complication free.




  • New air inlets (unique in the market) – extreme fast inflating.
  • Leading edge with high performance material, with an additional medium soft performance foam.
  • The rib count has been doubled, providing extra smooth wing surface.
  • Foam filled booties, shape-preserving design for better stability.
Wingsuit NameRS Glide
Number of Wingsuit Skydives200+

IntrudAir RS Glide

Product Attributes

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