The Onesie Power is, as the name suggests, a single piece tracking suit with a good range in performance.
Offering the user extreme ease of flight, hands-free exit and deployment, high flying speeds and a good glide with minimal user input, the Onesie Power quickly became a popular choice since its introduction in 2016.

The suit has found a dual audience, as a platform for tracking in BASE, as well as a gateway suit for those making the transition from regular skydiving towards wingsuits. The general stability and ease of flight also make it suitable for light acrobatics, both in the sky and tunnel.

9 years of continuous development from the original Onesie have turned the suit into a powerful tool, worth including in your arsenal.

The 2024 version has an increased size and distribution of the upper wing with a slightly longer crotch which in result increases the start arch and glide of the suit. We also redesigned the length of the arm sleeves with new velcro cuffs and redesigned placement and size of the arm wing grippers. Body zippers have also been lengthened along with redesigned booties, which makes getting in and out of the suit even easier.


ManufacturerPhoenix Fly
Wingsuit NameOnesie Power 22
Number of Wingsuit Skydives0+

Phoenix Fly Onesie Power 22

Product Attributes

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