The Omni, previously the Rafale is a high performance, multi-purpose wingsuit.

The Omni was created through a merger of knowledge gathered from more than 10 years of complete dominance in the competitive acrobatic wingsuit flying arena, mixed with design influences from our large surface models aimed specifically at wingsuit BASE jumping.

Continuous feedback from our test pilots, consisting of skydiving professionals, world champion athletes and expert level wingsuit BASE jumpers has created an incredibly complete design labeled the best large surface all-rounder available on the market today.

This year we increased the overall volume in the armwings, increased the wingspan and redesigned the upper part of the legwing.

While the suit does feature our classic PF airlocks, the thing that makes the new optional inlets special is the ability to via an opening in the armpit, reach to the armwing inlet and via press studs control the amount of airlock. While the system does require a bit of an efort from the pilot it’s the inlet control system – IPCS that makes a night and day difference when you are trying to fly collapsed on a slow flock or trying to snap that quick barrel roll or a transition. While the system was initialy built for the Roc we do offer the IPCS on all our wingsuits.

Abroad range in agility and glide combined with excellent backflying ability make the Omni a wingsuit with a wide range of skydiving applications such as XRW, performance flying and Wingsuit Acrobatics. Its low drag, form fitting design allows the user to fly the suit with ease, at a wide array of speeds and angles and treat the skies as a limitless playground. The short start and superb flight performance also make the Omni an excellent choice for wingsuit basejumping.

ManufacturerPhoenix Fly
Wingsuit NameRafale 22
Number of Wingsuit Skydives200+

Phoenix Fly Rafale 22

Product Attributes

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