The ATC 3 is updated for 2021 with the new MonoChamber tech, SymBlend arm wing profile, an improved leg wing planform & profile, and refinements throughout. It’s as easy and comfortable as ever, perfect for pilots moving up from beginner suits. The ATC 3 flies comfortably with both “big” and “small” suit formations at your DZ.

  • Clean & easy deployments.
  • “Seamless” leading edge construction
  • Fully adjustable internal pressure.
  • Integrated profile gripper.

Like its predecessors, the ATC 3 has enough performance to fly a formation with the latest generation FREAKs, yet is small and nimble enough to flock easily with SWIFTs and FUNKs. It’s for any pilot who wants a “small” suit with extra range and speed. Our team pilots agree that this “mini-FREAK” has surprising performance for its size.

Like all of our newest designs, the ATC 3 benefits from the technical advances made during the performance research project that has put SQRL pilots on top of every podium in wingsuit competition since 2015.

Overall, this is a highly versatile suit that will appeal to any wingsuit pilot of beginner-intermediate ability and up. Its power and range will surprise you!

The Freestyle Airfoil Cross Section is recommended for the ATC Series.

Wingsuit NameATC 3
Number of Wingsuit Skydives5+

Squirrel ATC 3

Product Attributes

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