The C-RACE is an evolving design which is frequently revised. All C-Race orders will be filled with the most recent design. Each evolution of the C-Race is tested and proven to be a performance gain over the previous version. There will not be a C-RACE 2 or 3, etc.

The performance of the C-Race has been thoroughly proven in competition, winning every Red Bull Aces event and many national wingsuit performance comp titles. It has gained a reputation for speed and also for power and agility. The flare is excellent, and the suit is fun and relatively easy to control.

This design is race-specific with a focus on maximum horizontal speed at race course flight angles. Pilots competing in performance events which include Time tasks should consider the CR+ instead.

Wingsuit NameC-Race
Number of Wingsuit Skydives200+

Squirrel C-Race

Product Attributes

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