Sometimes we ask ourselves, how much is enough? The answer is always, “Just a little bit more.” We took Freak agility and backfly performance and injected it into the C-Race. The result is a powerful freestyle suit with more surface area, speed, lift, flare, and power than anything in its class.

It loves huge, fast, flowing lines with dives, flares, low-G rollovers, and building tight high speed formations that go for many miles… This is what the CREATURE is for.

The CREATURE will satisfy pilots who crave more surface area than the Freak series offers, and anyone wanting to do bigger and more dynamic movements. Maybe you’re a bit heavier, maybe you just want to be faster than your friends, or blow their minds with a backfly-flare.

More speed, power, distance, and flare… it’s all right here for you if you need it!

Wingsuit NameCreature
Number of Wingsuit Skydives175+

Squirrel Creature

Product Attributes

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