Tunnel developed, sky-loved, LOW-KI is as exciting as it is chill. It is an agile, powerful, and easy-to-fly suit that was primarily designed for competitive acro pilots. LOW-KI replaces the FUNK series in our range of suits.

Developed in cooperation with some of the world’s best tunnel flyers, our mission for this design was to introduce a new level of efficiency to the acro category of suits.


Ideal for acro, beginner-intermediate progression, and even XRW. The balanced performance on back and belly combined with the MonoChamber feel make this a very comfortable all-around beginner-intermediate suit.


Symmetric profile ribs are used in the leg and arm wings for balanced back and belly performance. The Low-Ki is a great foundation for a relaxed and efficient progression.

Wingsuit NameLow-Ki
Number of Wingsuit Skydives5+

Squirrel Low-Ki

Product Attributes

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