Fully Air-locked Inlets

All our inlets are fully airlocked, regardless of type.

Variable Pressurization

Fine-tune your suit performance with zippers installed in the arm and leg wings, perfect for adjusting the pressurization to match a flock or follow students.

Low-drag leg wing design

Smooth airflow over your entire back.


The JNite is the most well-rounded competition wingsuit in our high-performance series, providing you with the perfect balance of speed, distance and time in the competition window.

It combines the glide performance from the Jedei 3 TT with the speed of the Nala, yet delivers more lift and flare power to extend your time & distance scores.

JNite Highlights

The JNite introduces the first low-profile inlet of its kind for faster speeds and lower drag — another ‘first’ from TonySuits.

The performance speaks for itself: the JNite wingsuit had the fastest speed at the 2018 World Cup, piloted by Travis Mickle with a 1st place podium finish and Anthony Zerbonia taking 3rd place.

Wingsuit NameJ Nite
Number of Wingsuit Skydives175+

Tonysuits J Nite

Product Attributes

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